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The Fifth Evangelist


The Fifth Evangelist:
Book Two of The Elven Lands

Paperback – April 2021

Alpha-Earth, Lesser Magellanic Cloud, 51st century: Spaceships have minds, an insurrection has ended, and youngsters at last supplant their deathless forebears. Andros Kybernetes returns to his kingdom with an Alphan-lord that no one has ever seen. The upshot will be war – old with young, machines with humans, Old Earth with New – and at last a planet-smashing Armageddon.


In this riveting sequel to Sun’s Strong Immortality, award-winning author William Illsey Atkinson continues the saga of the alphans – a splinter group who have perfected physical immortality and hidden themselves in a synthetic planet thousands of light-years from Old Earth.

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