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Video: The Sprites of Bonebreak Stair

My media consciousness is totally up-to-date. I experience reality in full colour, 3D, and surround-sound. Multiple windows appear at any instant, linking my core display to other displays in science, technology, art, and architecture. All this occurs in multiple languages, cross-referenced to archived, present, and future material, and with analytical arguments set out beside the data. What I experience is as vivid and engrossing as the most advanced internet page, or a cutting-edge interactive museum.

My means to this marvellous state is, however, six thousand years old: it’s text. Reading gives me what Shakespeare calls ‘wings as swift as meditation or the thoughts of love.’ Accordingly my aim is to write like him – to create poetry and prose so arresting that my readers forget they’re seeing nothing but marks on glass or paper, and hearing, feeling, smelling, and tasting nothing at all. Under my guidance, their imaginations supply it all.

To date, then, my website’s been text only. My long-suffering agent Lady Jenn Dunstan adds the odd static visual out of sheer desperation, but so far the site is really just an e-filing cabinet.

So here’s to progress! In particular the nineteenth century, that mad hotbed of STEM innovation, with its unbelievable creation of moving pictures! My youngest son Stuart has kindly animated my existing blog entry on Bonebreak Stair, creating our first video entry. If I were you, I’d read the text blog first; but that’s just 19th-century me speaking. Enjoy!


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